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Shannon Ray
Shannon Ray is the founder and director of Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations. She has lived her whole life in the Middle Georgia area. As a young girl she had numerous paranormal experiences, which led her to question the existence of the continuation of life after death. Shannon continuously proves to be a dedicated mother, wife, and professional within every aspect of her life. The scientific field of paranormal investigating illuminates a huge importance within her life. She is completely dedicated to helping bring light to the paranormal topic that mainstream society has attempted to darken.
Shane Ray
Shane Ray is an investigator and team equipment expert for Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations! He is a local of the Middle Georgia area. He became fascinated with the paranormal shortly before the death of his grandfather in 2007. Shane contributes significantly to skepticism within MGPI. It goes without saying that Shane is involved with anything that he can “get his hands” into. Shane is not only a wonderful husband and father, but a self proclaimed “Mr. Fix-it”, who uses his talents in all aspects of his life and within Middle Georgia Paranormal.
D.S Resch
D.S is an investigator and team photograhy specialist for M.G.P.I. He is a lifelong seeker of knowledge and truth. He brings healthy amounts of both optimism and skepticism to MGPI. He has been a professional biomedical and technical photographer for over 24 years. His passion for photography has transcended into the goal of obtaining undisputed photographic evidence of the paranormal.
Beth Kressin
Beth Kressinis an investigator and the team historian for Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations. She has been an avid ghost story collector her whole life. She became increasingly interested in the paranormal after the passing of her Grandmother, Father, and Father-in-law due to their appearance in her dreams. Beth brings a skeptic’s mind to MGPI. She enjoys looking for real world explanations, while still being open to those things that are unexplained. Beth is an avid lover of research and delving into the history of any location. Beth aims to help people to become better informed about the paranormal, so they are less afraid of the unknown.
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith was born and raised in North Carolina. She can vividly remember her Dad recounting many stories about ghostly experiences, and because of this she became captivated with the paranormal at a young age. After her parent's passed, the increased feeling of comfort that her parents are always near her children and herself has increased Andrea's interest in the paranormal field.
Andrea is driven to find answers about the paranormal, and has a fearless confidence that she uses to the benefit the M.G.P.I team. She enters into any situation with an open mind, determined to find a logical answer if there is one, but she also knows that sometimes these answers are explained only by the paranormal. Andrea loves the paranormal field and finds there is something new to learn in every situation.

Our Staff Are Also The Members Of Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations.

Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts is able to offer each customer a unique and rare experience with professional paranormal investigators. The staff at Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts are all members of the paranormal organization Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations. There is not another ghost hunt experience around which can offer what we do, with years of experience and case work within the paranormal field. Our unique staffing situation offers each ghost hunt customer a dynamic and cohesive opportunity to have a paranormal experience. 

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