1. I have always wanted to ghost hunt or have some type of experience in the paranormal field, but I have no idea what I am doing or what to do?
That is OK! The mission of Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts is to ensure you have an unforgettable and educational experience as a paranormal investigator, for the evening! We will help you, guide you, and make sure you know how to properly utilize all the equipment.
2. I am scared, is a ghost hunt something I will enjoy?
Unfortunately, if you are riddled with fear, your time with Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts will not be memorable. Our goal is to offer ghost hunts and events for those people who are curious about the paranormal field. Being terrified during an entire event or ghost hunt will only hinder the experience for others around you. 
3. We are a paranormal team of 6 people, but you only sale 5 tickets at some of your haunted locations. Does that mean a member of our team cannot participate?
No worries! We will make exceptions for group sizes based on the size of the paranormal team. Each additional person over the quantity of 5, will still be expected to pay the price of admission for any event or ghost hunt. Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts would highly recommend the size of a paranormal group not to exceed 10 individuals. The more people at any of our locations, the more difficult it is to have authentic paranormal experiences. The more people there are, the more they move, and the more noise they make!
4. We are a paranormal team, will Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts staff have to guide and continuously support us throughout an entire paid ghost hunt?
No, Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts staff will only offer their knowledge and expertise to individuals who are novice or inquire for it. If a paranormal team books a ghost hunt or event, we will step back and let their time be defined by their own skills and equipment. A member of the Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts staff will remain on site at company utilized locations at all times and with all individuals. Though our staff will not be guiding and aiding in the step by step ghost hunt process, they will remain on site the entire duration of any hunt or event to ensure the safety of our customers and preserve the haunted location. 
5. How do we know the locations utilized by Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts are really haunted?
Well the best way to answer this is to "put our money where our mouth is!"Below is a compiled video of various evidence we have collected from the haunted locations we utilize. Click the link for the video below to view and listen to the sample have created for all our interested customers. 

6. What happens after I purchase a ticket?
Once a customer purchases a ticket a member of the Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts staff will be in contact with each individual. A member of our staff will contact each customer via the email address given during the purchase process, and supply each customer their "ticket". This ticket will contain all needed information about the haunted location at which the hunt will take place. The ticket will also explain accommodations and parking of the assigned haunted location. 
7. What should I bring? Will I need a chair, food, or drinks?
We welcome any customer to bring items which will make them more comfortable during a Middle Georgia Ghost Hunt. The staff of Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts works tirelessly to ensure each ghost hunt is comfortable and fun for all of our customers. At each location we do provide chairs for all of our customers.
Some of our special event ghost hunts, will offer "snacks" for those who purchase a ticket. The special event ghost hunts which offer food or drink will be clearly identified for all of our customers. During these special events, Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts will provide a "snack", but it is recommended to bring an additional beverage.  
For a typical ghost hunt, individuals are expected to bring any necessary food or drinks which they need to feel comfortable. Most of our haunted locations DO NOT offer any type of refrigeration, so customers will need to keep their own items preserved. 
8. Is alcohol allowed on a Middle Georgia Ghost Hunt?
Some haunted locations we offer, are located in abandoned commercial or residential buildings. All ghost hunts we offer take place in the dark. For the safety of our customers and for our staff, absolutely NO alcohol is allowed on any of our ghost hunts or events. 
9. During a ghost hunt, once we are inside, will we have to stay inside? Will we be able to take a break or walk outside?
ABSOLUTELY! Anyone on a Middle Georgia Ghost Hunt has the option to take a break whenever they feel the need. Our staff does not control your access to outside, nor do we prevent anyone from taking a break. We do caution, that if a customer takes a break while others are still participating in the ghost hunt, to please be considerate of the other individuals at the location.  Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts offers also offers designated smoking, OUTSIDE, at every haunted location. We do ask that smokers place their remnants, cigarette butts, in the proper places and not simply throw them on the ground. 
10. If these residential and business locations are abandoned, will they be safe?
The staff of Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts works constantly to ensure every haunted location we offer is safe and doesn't pose a huge health risk to our customers. Investigating, walking, and/or touring a residential home or commercial business in the dark comes with a certain degree of physical hazards. The Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts staff makes every effort to eliminate any mold. mildew, asbestos, and many other contaminants which can negatively effect our customer's health. Due to the nature of some of these haunted locations, we cannot 100% ensure the complete removal off ALL these contaminants. Should any injury or health issue occur to our customers during any investigation, hunt, or tour Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts will not take any liability.  
Many of these locations are old and abandoned buildings, all of our customers need to take the precautions necessary to preserve their own health and physical safety. If you feel you cannot walk around an abandoned residential location or commercial business for any of these reasons, our ghost hunts are NOT for you. 
Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations LLC Presents: Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts