Welcome to Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts

Are you ready to be a paranormal investigator for a night?
Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts offers structured ghost hunting events throughout the Middle Georgia area.  Your time with us offers an experience that is memorable and impressive. Our mission is to pull back the cloak of mystery within the paranormal field and help our community appreciate the historical and spiritual significance within the paranormal.  We strive for all of our ghost hunts to provide a legitimate glimpse and experience of the paranormal investigative process. 
Our staff will be on hand during every ghost hunt. We offer you the most trained and experienced guides of any ghost hunt experience around, trained paranormal investigators! Each member of our staff is an active member of the paranormal group Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations. All staff members have engaged in private client investigations and retain the wisdom and knowledge to make your experience one you will never forget! 
All of our ghost hunts consist of small group sizes. We believe that smaller group sizes  reduce the risk of contamination, ensures the integrity of your experiences, and allows for a more intimate experience! All ghost hunting equipment will be provided to you and we make sure there is enough for everyone! We provide you with the latest and most advanced scientific equipment in the paranormal field. You will have full access to various types of paranormal equipment, in an isolated haunted location which will optimize all of your paranormal experiences. 

We do recommend you bring your own recording devices in order to review and possibly reveal spirit voices during your time with Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts!

We welcome everyone to join us for a ghost hunt! We are able to accommodate and offer an amazing hunt to those with no experience or years of experience in the paranormal field. There is no previous paranormal investigative experience required. 

The Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts staff works tirelessly to ensure everything is physically safe. Investigating, walking, and/or touring a residential home or commercial business in the dark comes with a certain degree of physical hazards. Should any injury occur to our customers during any of our investigations, hunts, or tours Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts will not take any liability. 

Who is middle georgia paranormal investigations?

Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations, M.G.P.I,  is the collaborative force behind Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts.  Based out of Middle Georgia, M.G.P.I takes pride in their professional work within the paranormal field. There is a distinct passion with each investigator, related directly to this innovative field. A distinguished love exists for the work which they do, but there is an extensive urge to help society decipher those experiences which are not easily understood. 
Since 2008, M.G.P.I has serviced the paranormal needs of the Middle Georgia area. The heart and soul of M.G.P.I was born in the historically beautiful and haunted streets of downtown Macon, GA. Over time, M.G.P.I realized there was an interest from the local public to have paranormal experiences, learn the proper scientific way to conduct paranormal research, and gain insight into the work whichM.G.P.I does. In response to this direct interest and need from the Middle Georgia area, M.G.P.I founded Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts. 
Want to know more about the investigative works M.G.P.I does? Click the link below!

What To Expect On A Ghost Hunt With Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts:

  • All tickets for any ghost hunt must be purchased through the Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts website 1 week prior to the scheduled event. There will be no tickets bought the night of the event and there will be no cash payments to purchase tickets. 
  • Please verify all contact information when you purchase a ticket on the website for Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts. Once a ticket is purchased, a staff member of Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts will contact each customer with the specific location of the event. 
  • There will be NO specific addresses or locations listed on the Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts website. The only exception would be a special event, at a location which this information would not compromise the security or the daily operations of the chosen business or residence. 
  • All standard ghost hunts will begin at 9 pm and end at 2 am. 
  • There will be absolutely no refunds for missed events with Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts. A customer who misses their scheduled event will be allowed to reschedule their ghost hunt for a different available date. If, for any reason, the customer misses the rescheduled event there will be no further amendments to scheduling. Failure to attend a rescheduled event will result in all funds and ghost hunt experiences being forfeited by the customer
  • Before each ghost hunt begins, the staff will give a brief explanation of the various types of equipment being utilized during the ghost hunt. The depth of information given will directly depend on the level of experience each group has that is engaging in the ghost hunt.
  • Every customer in the ghost hunt must sign the appropriate forms to release Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts from various issues of liability. Those who refuse to sign ALL forms will not be allowed to ghost hunt and their experience will end immediately with NO REFUND. 
  • Each ghost hunt we offer will consist of small groups. This will allow for a more intimate and authentic experience. 
  • The Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts staff works tirelessly to ensure everything is physically safe. Investigating, walking, and/or touring a residential home or commercial business in the dark comes with a certain degree of physical hazards. Should any injury occur to our customers during any of our investigations, hunts, or tours Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts will not take any liability. 

Information Regarding Health And Safety On Any Middle Georgia Ghost Hunt:

  • Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts works tirelessly to ensure the safety of all our clients. Realistically though, many haunted locations are old and abandoned buildings. Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts makes every effort to eliminate any mold, mildew, asbestos, and many other contaminants which can negatively effect our customer's health. Due to the nature of our events and locations, we cannot 100% ensure the complete removal of all these contaminants. For this reason, all clients are required to sign liability release forms in order to participate in any ghost hunt or event.
  • It is the recommendation of Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts that individuals with respiratory issues wear the proper ventilation mask, which Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts will not provide.
  • Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts does not recommend any ghost hunt or event to a woman who is currently pregnant. 
  • Our ghost hunts may occur under conditions that may require total darkness, which can be psychologically charged causing anxiety or other uncomfortable conditions. It is the responsibility of each customer to certify they are aware of no physical and/or mental conditions that would put themselves or others at risk under such conditions. 
  • All customers are responsible to taking any and all precautions, including the removal of themselves, should they find themselves incapable of safely participating. Each customer assumes full responsibility for their own welfare and safety while participating in any event with Middle Georgia Ghost Hunts. 
For information about the health risks associated with mold, mildew, asbestos,  and other contaminates exposure. Click the link below! 


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